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What am I going to get out of BALLFX?

BALLFX is dedicated to professional coaching and development of the athlete's skills. 


Do you have to be on a BALLFX team to join skills? 

No, you can join skills training independently.


How many kids will be on a team?

Between 8-10 kids will be on a team.

How long is a season?

Each season is 3 months long consisting of games, skills training and team practice. 

What is the cost of joining a BALLFX Team?

$599 per season; includes  weekly skills training, team practices and a game per week.

One - time uniform fee of $100

What leagues do BALLFX Teams play in?

FALL:  Grapevine Fieldhouse

Winter - Summer: Southlake Rec League


How long are skills training sessions?

Beginners (30-45mins) 

Intermediate - Advanced (45mins - 1Hr)

Friday and Sunday options

How do I know what level my child is at for skills?

If your child has never touched a basketball before or has less than 1 Year of Training bring them to the Beginners sessions. If you are still unsure, bring them to a skills session and our coaches will evaluate which group the athletes belongs to.


What is the required commitment to be a BALLFX team member?

We REQUIRE all team members to come to all skills training sessions, team practices and games to prevent forfeiture of games and to create team chemistry to reach the fullest potential. 

What is a typical weekly schedule like if I'm on a team?

Monday  - 1 Practice

Friday or Sunday - 1 Skills Training

Saturday - 1 Game

I want to only join skills for now what do I do?

BALLFX recommends at least 2 Skills Training days/week if you are not playing games. You can sign up for our monthly membership on our membership page.

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