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Beginner session This session is for those new to the sport and/or that fit in the age category. 1st - 2nd grade Athletes must be able to shoot on an 8' foot goal. 3rd grade and up must be able to shoot on a 10' foot goal.
Friday: 5p - 545p (recommended for grades 1st - 2nd) 
Sunday: 2p - 245p (recommended for g
rades 3rd - 6th) 

Price: $35/session
Location: The Rec of Grapevine



Intermediate/Advanced session (ages 10+): Athletes must have played on a team before and more than 2 years experience. 
Friday: 545p - 645p(recommended for grades 6th and up)
Sunday: 245p - 345p(recommended for grades 4th - 8th) 
- These classes are for intermediate/advanced skill set



1-on-1 Training: Custom Workouts to meet an athlete's specifics goals.
 Contact for Availability

Price: $100/session
Location: The Rec of Grapevine


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